By Team NSHM | Oct 16, 2019

Combat Hunger with Health for a #ZeroHunger World

Malnutrition exists in our life and we are completely unaware of it. Whether it is for pleasure or out of necessity, eating out is a regular part of 21st century life. And while we are often bombarded with messages about healthy eating and the necessity of a balanced diet, that burger with extra cheese or the plate of deep-fried chicken feels unavoidable sometimes. It may feel like just another meal to fill the stomach and please the taste buds, but junk food causes harm in more ways than one.

  • Risky Ingredients: Sugar, trans-fats and empty calories in junk food can cause weight gain and a spark a number of health problems like diabetes, high pressure, cardiac problems & more. New research keeps finding more links between junk food and numerous health ailments, posing a bigger threat to longevity than any other.
  • Causes inflammation: The high sodium content and other harmful ingredients in junk food not only cause damage in the long run but also cause inflammation across the body, which includes the cardiovascular system. Not only does this put people at further risk for diseases but also weakens their immune system and lowers their daily energy levels.
  • Lacks essential nutrients: The process of cooking junk food, robs the food of essential nutrients that are necessary for our body. This high calorie and low nutrient content makes sure that you feel full without taking in the vitamins, minerals and fiber that sustain your body in the long run.

All of the above leads to the modern form of malnutrition. But why do we consume healthy meals when we cook at home, and opt for the unhealthier options when eating out?

  • It’s relatively inexpensive
  • Easier to access, considering delivery options, chain restaurants and street food
  • Simply tastier because of all the sugar and trans fats

But healthy food is not always bland and boring. We can also work our way around taste and nutrition for a healthy and appetizing meal.  

  • If you have a little extra money to spare, you could go to a fine-dining restaurant and order a meal with that’s balanced in proteins, carbohydrates and plant fiber.
  • There are some very well-known food chains that serve healthy and tasty salads which can give your favourite burger and fried chicken some solid competition.
  • Even food delivery apps these days give us healthier options for a quick office lunch. And not to forget some good offers on home cooked menus when you can’t afford to go out of your way to buy food.

With food security being a global issue, nutrition isn’t something the privileged should take for granted. While children from less developed areas often go without meals altogether, the urban poor of first world countries are suffering from an obesity epidemic, having no affordable options other than junk food. In an age where conscious living options are aplenty, let’s remember this World Food Day, to make responsible dietary choices.