By Team NSHM | Jul 8, 2015

Why choose a career in Supply Chain Management?

Author: Dr. Krishnendu Sarkar,
Director & Professor, NCMT, Kolkata

What is Supply Chain Management?

To meet the customer demand of a product or service there is a chain of processes involved right from the producer end like say, Sourcing / Procurement, Distribution, Warehouse, inventories etc and managing those processes efficiently and effectively can be called ‘Supply Chain Management’.  Besides, a massive initiative like ‘Make in India’ would entail special focus on optimization of supply chain and its management.

Is Supply Chain Management a good option as a career?

Supply Chain Management is the next big thing in the Indian industrial scenario. According to Management Experts there is a lot of scope for supply chain management (SCM) in India due to increasing uncertainty of supply networks, globalization of businesses, proliferation of product variety and shortening of product life cycles. Personalized content and services for customers add to the cause. The employability potential of graduates are very high here.

Where can I be placed  after studying supply chain management?

Any business, be it retail, or manufacturing, FMCG, healthcare, transportation and logistics or even e-commerce, all thrives on the expertise of Supply Chain and Logistics.  So you can join any industry of your liking. You can even make your career in Supply Chain Management Consulting in the IT Big brothers like IBM, Accenture, Capgemini etc.

Will studying this course narrow down my scope as a graduate?

On the contrary this course opens up new vistas of employability. The 3 year WBUT course is an honors course named as BBM in Supply Chain Management. This industry oriented course will give you a lot of opportunities to engage with industry as part of the studies, to be in touch with industry people, to learn hands-on during internships and projects, and also give you exposure to all fundamentals of business management. So at the end of three years you become an employable industry ready professional.

Can I study further after my graduation?

Of course!  all good management institutes offer regular full time / part time Masters level program in SCM and Logistics, you can also opt for regular MBA or for any other higher education of your choice. There are global certifications from APICS and CTL of USA for professional development.

I am still in doubt; will it really be worth it?

Do a little bit of a research yourself, Google out “careers in supply chain management”, talk to some middle and/or senior corporate professionals or HR professionals on the career growth prospects to get a favorable answer. Remember this degree is for them who want to invest their time money and energy to achieve higher career goals by way of continuous improvement of business processes.

What is this 3-year BBM (Hons.) course in Supply Chain Management at NSHM all about?

This is a full time university degree course (with honors) under WBUT divided into 6 semesters where you will learn all aspects of management for the first 4 semesters and then specialize in Supply Chain Management for the last two semesters. It adheres to the BBA`(Hons.) curriculum with an additional focus on Supply Chain and Logistics studies.