By NSHM | Nov 10, 2021

Choice Based Extended Learning: A Bonus Learning Experience at NSHM

Today, students usually fancy the capability to have more input into their own education. Especially as they get older, children want a say in what they learn and how they learn it.

Educational institutions are starting to catch on to this trend to keep students engaged. What comes out as the ultimate result is a classroom with a choice-based extended learning component that gives them the versatility and independence they need.

Choice-Based Learning

Combining a choice-based learning program into the blended classroom can overwhelm you at first. However, it doesn’t have to be a challenging undertaking.

Classrooms that accommodate student choice furnish learning settings where students can thoroughly invest in education that matters to them. Research affirms that students have minor behaviour problems, feel more connected, and display less time off-task when choosing where and what they learn.

An ideal classroom offers students time to pursue individual interests and formulate independent projects, and in a setting like this, students can be given that choice in small yet significant ways.

It is the act of choosing that distinguishes each of us and allows us to express our individuality. Maintaining a focus on student choice helps create institutions in which student voices are heard and foster independence.

Learning Empowered at NSHM

Choice Based Extended Learning (CBEL) is an appealing approach to providing learners with a foundational academic experience of multidisciplinary education across all programmes and levels (UG-to-PG) at NSHM.

The Choice-Based Extended Learning (CBEL) process at NSHM enables students to participate in their own learning to make choices, take control, and orchestrate their own learning processes.

Courses within CBEL at NSHM are devised to equip students with the abilities and cerebral perspectives to thrive in their effective programs of study as well as in their later professional success.

There are over 50 CBEL courses of 20-40 hours under 10 brackets. Each bracket consists of curated, credit-based programs.

These multi-disciplinary curated courses offer fruitful learning beyond the programme of study. The maximum a learner can choose per semester is 4 courses, and the minimum is 1 course from the following categories:

Leadership and Logical Thinking: Lateral Thinking using de Bono Six Thinking Hats | Design Thinking | Universal Human Values | Designing a Powerful Presentation | Managing Workforce Diversity| Designing Impactful Presence | Emotional Intelligence

Management and Marketing: Logistics & International Supply Chain Management | Health Insurance Management | Brand Management | Sustainable & Ethical Studies | Integrated Marketing Communication | Marketability of Indian Craftsmanship | Monetizing Social Media

Data Analytics: Health Data Analytics | Research & Data Analysis | Working with Data | Clinical Data Management | Field-survey Project-Based Qualitative Analysis of Data | Data Privacy in The Digital Business | Data Analytics with Excel | Industry 4.0

Entrepreneurship: Essentials of Entrepreneurship | Business Plan Formulation & Pitching | Social Entrepreneurship | Ophthalmic Product Development | Organic Product Making – Farm & Non-Farm | Pharmaceutical Product Development

Hospitality Management: International Travel Formalities | Tourism Destination Management | Customer Relationship Management in Tourism | Professional Attitude for Customer Service | Luxury Brand Management

Video & Creative Studies: Cinematography | Set Design | History of Art | Aesthetics | Sculpting | Event Management | Press & Public Relation | Product Photography | Effective Communication through Theatre | Music, Arts and Acting Appreciation

Socio-Cultural Studies and Skills Enhancement: French | German | Phonetics, Linguistics, & Literature Appreciation | Image Development | Scientific Writing | Indian Knowledge System: An Introduction to Manuscriptology and Paleography | Sanskrit for Beginners

Health & Wellness Management: Self-Practitioner Optometrist | Pharmacokinetics with Calculations | Mental Wellness | Yoga for Resilient & Resonant Personality Development | Yoga for Health Management | Wellness through Sports & Fitness Management | Metrics for Public Health | Economic Evaluation of Various Diseases | Legal Issues in Health Care

Choice-based learning can be an invaluable addition to any classroom. Students are often far happier and more interested in engaging with the material when choosing their own activities. There are more opportunities than ever before in a blended classroom to give students the stimulation and choices they need. This is an effortless method to produce more students who enjoy learning and earn something from the value-added curriculum.

If you, too, want to be a part of such an education, then apply with us at NSHM right away!