By Team NSHM | Feb 5, 2015

Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 | Ready To Wear


Standing out from crowd or designing something which is out of the box has always been the signature style of Chanel, and the same was maintained this season. “Boulevard Chanel” was the theme which was portrayed while staging the show. Karl Lagerfeld, put an extra ordinary show for Chanel this season by giving us a Parisian street styled collection. And by Parisian street style I don’t mean just the collection but also the stupendous drama created to present the collection.

The set seemed so bona fide that the show -goers had to get a glimpse of it twice to know that these were just hoardings not an actual bricks and Mortar Street.

The collection consisted of flared trousers or micro minis; splashy painterly florals over silks, kicky box-pleated skirts, sometimes layered over narrow black trousers; and mosaic cocktail dresses made up of rectangular pewter plastic tablets, arranged like bricks, which echoed back to the architecture of the show’s surroundings.
A special appearance of Chanel’s signature striped cardigan dresses was also made by the famous Brazilian model and actor Gisele Caroline Bundchen.


And how can an extravagant show as such not have a gigantic ending! How can you imagine a street without protest? Banners such as “tweed is better than tweet”, “be your own stylist”, “make fashion not war”, “free freedom”, “ladies first” were carried out proudly, things like, “what do we want? When do we want it” were screamed out by supermodels like Cara and Gisele over quilted megaphones.

It was the best way to showcase the street styled collection.

Author: Uttara Paul
Student of B. Sc. In Fashion Design & Management, NSHM Knowledge Campus
Photo Courtesy: internet