By Team NSHM | May 16, 2018

Carve Your Own Space with B.Sc. in Interior Designing

  • Is Interior Decoration same as Interior Design?

One may be good with colors, textures and placement of décor objects but that is only decoration skills. That is not everything you need to be an interior designer. It can be said that interior decoration is a subset of interior designing. It has more to do with the execution of the design vision rather than the vision itself.

  • What are the skills needed to be an Interior Designer?

Unlike other core design domains, this area is not limited to concepts of design. It needs some similar skills like

–           technical drawing,

–          space designing,

–          knowledge of materials,

–          structural designing of furniture, etc.

In addition to this one needs to be a good communicator in order to properly interact in a highly experience driven market of consumers, contractors and suppliers.

Above everything else, this has at its heart a design principle and therefore it needs regular upkeep with the current trends in the industry and consumer preferences to make sure that your revenue is up and running, while you cater to the real needs of the consumers.

  • What does an Interior Designer do?

–          Design realistic solutions to optimum utilization of space in a creative way.

–          Provide a new direction to the clients to create aesthetic, thought-provoking and practical spaces for the end user.

–          Utilize various design software to simulate a virtual picture of their design vision.

–          Keeps up with the latest trends in the market in terms of design, aesthetics and materials.

To sum it up, they are artistic, analytical, people friendly and business oriented all rolled into one dynamic professional.

  • Areas of recruitment for B.Sc. in Interior Designing

Interesting areas across multiple sectors where interior designing graduates can work are:

–          Architects and architectural firms

–          Renowned builders and real estate firms

–          Hospitals and other medical facilities

–          Town and city planning bureaus

–          Hotels and health resorts

–          Design studios and exhibition organizers

–          Film and theatre production houses

–          Event management companies

–          Innumerable public and private sector establishments

–          Furniture designing studios

If going independent is your calling then entrepreneurship can be an option for you. Going solo on various projects is the old school style of work in interior designing. Getting some tie ups can be beneficial.

At the onset it might not be easy to climb up the ladder of success and the pay might not be very motivating, but this is a fast growing industry and like any other business all it takes is to catch the right pulse of the consumers. This is one of the most lucrative jobs one can take up where a senior interior designer on an average could end up earning close to 30 lakhs per annum… or more!

  • What are the job roles applicable for these graduates?

Apart from these the various job roles that are applicable to the graduates are:

–           Sales representatives at Lifestyle stores

–          Technical assistant to interior designers

–          Marketing managers at high end lifestyle brands

–          Business development managers

–          Facilities Planners including wedding planning

–          Studio mentor/ designer

–          Professors or lecturers teaching others in the same field

–          Freelancers