By Team NSHM | Jul 24, 2019

Career-asana: Career in Yoga

Yoga is trending again. One of the highly acclaimed forms of health and holistic wellness, yoga serves as the foundation of the health and wellness industry. More and more celebrities are taking up yoga as a way of maintaining their lifestyles. The younger crowd is also waking up to the flexibility and ease of yoga, so much that they are considering it as a career option.

What are the career opportunities with Yoga?

There are close to 200 million yoga practitioners in the world- most being of Indian origin. With the rise in the numbers, opportunities have opened up in the health and wellness industry creating a demand for professionals in this field. Let us explore the scope in this field:

1.Yoga Aerobic Instructor – These professionals teach different forms of yogic postures that focus on breathing techniques and work out asana sequences for different body goals. As an aerobics instructor you get to work with gyms and yoga centers. With the government encouraging yoga in children, schools are also introducing yoga classes everywhere. Thus yoga instructors are in high demand.

2. Allied Health Professional – These are professionals who aid the practices of naturopathy in Ayurvedic Medical colleges, Hospitals and even ayurvedic clinics. Here one can help cure patients with postures, breathing techniques and more in the most convenient and guided form of physiotherapy. Knowledge about vaat, pitta, kapha doshas equips them to suggest a suitable diet as well.

3. Assist Clinical Psychologists – Clinical psychology deals with assessment and treatment of mental health and psychiatric problems. Psychologists often prescribe yoga as a means of aligning your mind and body which helps patients suffering from chronic depression and more mental ailments. With a rise in the awareness of mental health conditions, yoga practitioners with knowledge of pranayam will help patients cure their ailments.

4. Yoga Therapist – A therapist applies yoga techniques and practices to help an individual manage their metabolism, stabilize their endocrinal system to keep health problems at bay. With lifestyle diseases soaring, a yoga therapist can be found at health clubs, spa and even work as independent yoga therapists who work as personal trainers. Ideal for post injury recovery, personal therapists help a person improve posture, strengthen muscles and prevent the breaking of cartilages and joints.

5. Health trainer – The job requires delivering proper health training to people in health clubs or gyms. In recent times every celebrity has a dedicated yoga trainer who not only helps them workout but also monetize the efforts. Recent success stories include bollywood a-listers like Bipasha Basu and Shilpa Shetty who not only used yoga to get fit, but also made a business out of it with the help of a trainer.

Every year on 21st June we observe the International Day of Yoga, which is proof that the ancient Indian skill is now a worldwide phenomenon. Spiritual gurus like Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, Master Sivananda and Jaggi Vasudev are some of the proponents of yoga culture, and have made numerous features in television and talk shows. But you don’t need to be a spiritual guru to make a mark. All you need is the knowledge and practice. In the wake of social media, it serves as the best word of mouth publicity for an independent career in this field.

Where to learn professional Yoga?

There are people who just practice it and there are others who want to make it their profession. If you are the one who want to make yoga as your profession, then choose a well structured course curriculum that will help you nurture your vision. NSHM Knowledge Campus, Eastern India’s Best Educational Institute, provides you full time degree courses of B.Sc in Yoga (3 years) and M.Sc. in Yoga (2 years). To explore courses offered click here