By Team NSHM | Jul 15, 2020

Assessmend by Prof. Krishnendu Sarkar

Dr. Krishnendu Sarkar
Chief, Strategy & Impact
& NSHM Life Skills

This short capsule is an attempt to model for a new capstone project experience that is not just for the sake of a usual assessment mandate but rather under something more to add to the learner experience. It is called ‘Assessmend’, which is conceptualized by Professor Krishnendu Sarkar. It is all about mending the thought-gaps between the assessee and assessor. There can be a rubric measure at both ends based on the demands of the assigned capstone project. This will necessitate high-order thinking skills and fitment under ‘Synthesis’ and/or ‘Evaluation’ levels of Bloom’s taxonomy. In short, AssessMEND is expected to add new dimensions in higher-education teaching-learning-assessment that may be of interest and of value to teachers and learners.

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