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About NSHM

Education is the key which unlocks the door to various paths one can choose. This belief forms the core of NSHM’s raison d’etre.


Mr. Dileep Singh Mehta, Chairman, Multicon
dileepThe Multicon Group has been a successful business venture for over two decades now and is among the biggest multi-portal enterprises of India today. The group focuses on the real estate, media, Internet services, exports, travel, financial services and supply chain markets.


Mr. Cecil Antony, Chairman, Synergy Group
caWith a dream to take business beyond boundaries, Synergy Group started its operation in the early 90s, mainly in the fields of education, biotechnology, infrastructure, hospitality and renewable energy. Being an architect of a fast-growing concern, Mr. Antony is responsible for making NSHM a great advanced education destination.

Mr. Francis Antony, Vice Chairman, Synergy Group 
FA Passport 3A hardcore Operations professional, Mr. Antony has built Synergy Group brick-by-brick with a stress on building lasting foundations. Driven by a focus on quality and an ocean of experience, Mr. Antony guides NSHM in all aspects to become an institute of excellence.

Mr. Arnab Roy, Co-Founder and Director, NSHM Knowledge Campus
arnabAn entrepreneur in the education sector, Mr. Roy started his career 15 years back. His vision to create a hub for a advanced learning resulted in the creation of NSHM Knowledge Campus. The pioneer in Education Management in eastern India, Mr. Roy’s ideas and efforts are invaluable to the success of the institution.