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YCOMM 2017-Folkira organised by NSHM Institute of Media and Design (NIMD) is a two day festival celebrating the importance of communication among the youth.

The fest comprises a variety of events ranging from fashion shows to band competition to intellectual activities like debate and media quiz. The fest plays host to a large number of colleges in the city who are invited to participate in the event. A footfall of more than 3000 students is expected as the numbers keep increasing with every passing year. The participation, standard and quality of performances have made YCOMM a popular event in the festival calendar.

This year, YCOMM brings forth FOLKIRA with a view to revive the Indigenous folk cultures that are fighting for their existence and relevance in today's contemporary society. Folk effortlessly provides a common identity and direction, a natural sense of belonging, that cannot be replicated by any amount of social fabrication. We aim to celebrate the essence of Indian Folk Culture in every element of the fest.

To Register Contact : Yugesh Arora: 90383 44541/ 89103 45179

Event Schedule

Day 1: 14th September, 2017

On stage

  • Beat Box
  • Stand – Up Comedy (The Roasted Funny-Bone)
  • Fashion Show – Vastramodé (Agaman)

off stage

  • Face Painting (Tribal & folk masks of India.)
  • Trashion (Boho Chic)
  • Hip Hop Hustle (Popping/Breaking/All Style)
  • T-Shirt Painting (Folk Music)
  • Poster Making (Uplifting the folk heritage of India)
  • Brand – Aid (App Ideas for Daily solutions)
  • Comic Strip
  • Picsquare
  • Bioscope (Movie trailer on Epic genre)
  • Street Football
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Debate (Folk media on the verge of extinction)
Day 2: 15th September, 2017

On stage

  • Gone in 60 seconds (One Minute to Fame)
  • War of Bands
  • Group Dance (Bollywood)

off stage

  • Quizogriva
  • FIFA
  • Rangoli (Folk art from any state)
  • Dart
  • Nukkad
  • Food Eating Competition

Guest Performances by T.R.A.P

T.R.A.P a.k.a. The Radical Array Project, is an experimental band from Kolkata, that thrives on raw creativity and energy. With fusion being the high point of YCOMM Folkira, this band perfectly complements the flavour of the biggest media fest in town. Their genre is experimental which is evident from the composition of the brand itself. Bhaswar Sen - Violin, Viola, Electric Violin, Arrangements and Composition.

The band members:

Ronnie "Ronn" Chatterjee: Guitar, Vocals, Sound Designing and Programming, Arrangements, Composition and Production. Suanjito "Bindo" Dutta: Drums and Percussion.

Swapnabha "Popeye" Roy: Bass Guitar.
Anupam Pyne: Keyboards and Vocals.
Pritam Saha: Vocals

They have recently released their latest independent EP "OBLIVIATE" to rave reviews. They'll be performing at the event on 15th September, 2017. See you there.

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