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Online Short-Term Certificate Course on Digital and Television Journalism


This course aims to educate the students about the basic theoretical and practical understanding of Journalism, for the Digital and Television media. In the segment of Digital Journalism, the course will give a glimpse of understanding on Online News Writing, Headline Writing, News Editing, Opinion Polls, SEO Writing and basic technicalities for Digital Platforms.

In the segment of Television Journalism, this course will provide the students understanding about the Television as a Mass Medium, Television News, News Writing, Working of Television News Channels and other related topic.

Career Opportunities

Media and especially News Media is an indispensable part of our lives. In current times, Digital and Television are two most important mediums of getting News and information. Television being the most powerful and Digital as the fastest growing at this crucial juncture. Because of this, these two mediums are full of opportunities for those who possess employable knowledge and skills of the mediums.

Primary job opportunities in the field of Digital Journalism are of Content Writer, Content Developer, Content Aggregator, Content Editor, Blogger, SEO Writer, Knowledge Process Outsourcing Executive etc.

In the field of Television Journalism one can make his/her career as Reporters/Correspondents, News Anchor, Copy Editor, News/Content Writer, News/Program Producer, Production Assistant and many more.

Course Curriculum

Part 1 – Digital Journalism by Prof. Debanjan Banerjee

  • Module 1: Online Journalism in India
  1. The early years
  2. The later years
  3. Current scenario
  • Module 2: Online Journalism Tools
  1. New Horizons
  2. Do’s and Don’t of Digital reporting
  3. Editing for Digital platform
  4. Facts and Objectivity
  • Module 3: Headline Writing for Digital Platform
  1. Do’s and don’t of writing headlines for Digital platform
  2. Headline for Mobile phones or MOJO
  • Module 4 : Search Engines
  1. Definition, parts
  2. Search directories and revenue sources
  3. How to use Search Engine

Part 2 – Television Journalism by Prof. Sharad Seth

  • Module 1: Intro to Television Journalism
  1. Television as a Medium
  2. Television Journalism
  3. Comparison with other Mediums
  • Module 2: Basics of Television Journalism
  1. Qualities of a Television Journalist
  2. Components of Television News
  3. Formats of Television News
  4. Importance of Interview in News
  5. Reporting Live
  • Module 3: Writing for Television News and Ethics in Television Journalism
  1. Writing to Visuals
  2. Golden rules of writing for Television
  3. Do’s and Don’t of Television Journalism
  • Module 4: Working of a Television News Channel
  1. Major departments of a Television News Channel
  2. Working of a Television News Channel and production of News

Total Duration

Six weeks / 24 hours


Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3 pm to 5 pm

**Batch Launch – All applicants will be notified on the final batch launch dates.