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Seminar on “Global Trends in Logistics & Supply Chain Management : Asia Pacific”

March 10, 2016 at 10:30 AM

About the Programme :

The seminar on the “Global Trends in Logistics and Supply Chain management focusing on Asia Pacific” held on 10th March 2016, by  Prof. Dr. Roger Lee, Director of Singapore Institute of Material Management,was more of an interactive session rather than a seminar.

Prof.Lee conducted a ‘role play’ based approach in which 75 students of NCMT Kolkata, specializing in Supply Chain management, e-commerce and business management learned about the operational efficiencies and strategic logistics operation as carried out in the likes of Alibaba and Flipkart.

They had also submitted their assignments that were given beforehand by Prof. Lee.

The session was also followed up with a round table discourse on “Trans National Education & Professional Development: Asia-Pacific Perspective’ and as to how India is all set to become the next global manufacturing and supply chain.

Snippets about the speaker :

  • Prof. Roger Lee , is the director of the Singapore Institute of Materials Management ( and is serving as an entrepreneur for all consultancy projects in Singapore and ASEAN.
  • Mr. Lee has a co-authored for some of his recent books on “The Making of a Technopreneur,” “The Making of a Shell Livewire Entrepreneur”, “World Class Logistics and Supply chain Management” and “Knowledge Management, Principles and Case studies”.
  • Currently, he graces the position of Vice Chairman of the Asia Pacific Logistics Federation with the task of spearheading the professionals in this area.


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