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Master of Business Administration (MBA) (2 years, Full Time)



NSHM’s MBA course is designed to bring out the best in you. With our 2 Years Full Time Master of Business Administration program, you will be armed with all the technical and soft skills that a person needs to start a rewarding and meaningful career. The knowledge, experience and the skills that you will acquire via our MBA Program (available in NSHM Durgapur Knowledge Campus) will eventually help you scale the corporate ladder with confidence.

[College Code Durgapur: NKCGOIDGP]

Durgapur MBA Course Details
Course Level Post Graduation
Duration 2 Years
Eligibility Graduation
Type Degree
Specialisations Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, MIS, Business Analytics, Sports Management, Healthcare

Approved by AICTE, our full time MBA course is aimed to bring out the leadership potential and strengthen business management skills of the students so that they can face the challenges of the future successfully.

To succeed in a volatile, complex and ever evolving corporate environment, you need to have the confidence and the right set of skills. Thankfully NSHM’s Full-Time MBA curriculum will get you prepared to face that with an envious skill-set. This includes critical thinking, problem solving, strategic leadership, collaborative teamwork, etc. are all well integrated into a comprehensive MBA curriculum so that our students can get a clear idea of how business organizations operate in the real-world.

Learn latest business practices, improve your critical thinking prowess and gain valuable industry insights with NSHM, a top MBA college with campuses in Kolkata and Durgapur.

Scope & Career Opportunities

  • Marketing – After the completion of our MBA course, you can work in the following sectors – Client Servicing, Merchandising, Digital Marketing, Media Relations, Public Relation, Product Development, Market Research as executives or in different managerial positions.
  • Operations – Our students get to work as Operation Managers and executives in sectors like – Logistics & Supply Chain management, Quality Control, Research and Development, Inventory Control etc.
  • Information Technology – Our students can join the flourishing Information Technology as Data processing manager, Systems Analysis, Information Systems Architecture, Systems Designer and Enterprise Resource Planner.
  • Human Resource – Our Students can get to work in the stable Human resource field as Talent Acquisition Experts, HR Analyst, Industry Relation Manager, Payroll management experts.
  • Finance – As an MBA pass out, you can join the Finance industry as Financial Planner, Investment Banker, Purchase Officer, Foreign Exchange Manager, Taxation Experts, Auditor or an Accountant.


Semester I

  • MB101 – Managerial Economics (Micro)
  • MB102 – Organizational Behaviour
  • MB103 – Business Communication
  • MB104 – Legal and Business Environment (Micro & Macro)
  • MB105 – Indian Ethos and Business Ethics
  • MB106 – Quantitative Techniques

Semester II

  • MB201 – Indian Economy and Policy
  • MB202 – Financial Reporting, Statements and Analysis
  • MB203 – Marketing Management
  • MB204 – Operations Management
  • MB205 – Management Information System
  • MB206 – Human Resource Management

Semester III

Core Papers:

  • MB301 – Project Management
  • MB302 – Corporate Strategy

Elective Papers:


  • FM301 – Taxation
  • FM302 – Project Appraisal and Finance
  • FM303 – Behavioural Finance
  • FM304 – Corporate Finance


  • MM301 – B2B Marketing
  • MM302 – Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • MM303 – IMC/Promotion Strategy
  • MM304 – Marketing Research

Human Resource:

  • HR301 – Team Dynamics at Work
  • HR302 – HR Metrics and Analytics
  • HR303 – Cross Cultural Management
  • HR304 – Organizational Design


  • OM301 – Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • OM302 – Operations Strategy
  • OM303 – Quality Toolkit for Managers
  • OM304 – Pricing and Revenue Management


  • MIS301 – Data Mining for Business Decisions
  • MIS302 – E-Commerce and Digital Markets
  • MIS303 – Managing Software Projects
  • MIS304 – Data Science using R

Business Analytics:

  • BA301 – Data Mining
  • BA302 – Marketing Analytics
  • BA303 – Business Forecasting
  • BA304 – Data Science using R

Sports Management:

  • SM301 – Contemporary issues in Sports
  • SM302 – Sports Training and Conditioning I
  • SM303 – Sports Facilities Planning and Management
  • SM304 – Ethics in Sports

Healthcare Management:

  • HSA301 – Concept of Community Health
  • HSA302 – Epidemiology and Analysis of Healthcare Information Data
  • HSA303 – Health Policy and National Health Programme.

Semester IV

Core Papers:

  • EM401 – Entrepreneurship

Elective Papers:


  • FM401 – Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • FM402 – Managing Banks and Financial Institutions
  • FM403 – Mergers, Acquisitions & Corporate Restructuring
  • FM404 – Financial Derivatives
  • FM405 – International Finance
  • FM406 – Financial Markets and Services


  • MM401 – Consumer Behaviour
  • MM402 – Retail Management
  • MM403 – Sales and Distribution Management
  • MM404 – Service Marketing
  • MM405 – Product and Brand Management
  • MM406 – International Marketing

Human Resource:

  • HR401 – Manpower Planning, Recruitment and Selection
  • HR402 – Employee Relations and Labour Laws
  • HR403 – Compensation and Benefits Management
  • HR404 – Performance Management Systems
  • HR405 – Strategic HRM
  • HR406 – International HRM


  • OM401 – Sales and Operations Planning
  • OM402 – Behavioural Operations Management
  • OM403 – Operations Research Applications
  • OM404 – Supply Chain Analytics
  • OM405 – Management of Manufacturing System
  • OM406 – Sourcing Management


  • MIS401 – IT Consulting
  • MIS402 – Managing Digital Platforms
  • MIS403 – Strategic Management for IT
  • MIS404 – Relational Database Management System
  • MIS405 – Management of Information Technology
  • MIS406 – Managing Digital Innovation & Transformation

Business Analytics:

  • BA401 – Data Visualization for Managers
  • BA402 – Big Data Technology
  • BA403 – Statistics for Business Analytics
  • BA404 – Database Management System
  • BA405 – Data Analytics using Python
  • BA406 – HR Metrics and Analytics

Sports Management:

  • SM401 – Basics of Sports Medicine and Nutrition
  • SM402 – Managing and Promoting Sports Events
  • SM403 – Managing Sports Organization
  • SM404 – Sports Training and Conditioning II
  • SM405 – Advertising, Public Relations and Sponsorship in Sports
  • SM406 – Sports Facilities Planning and Management

Healthcare Management:

  • HSA401 – Law
  • HSA402 – Planning, Organizing and Management of Health Services
  • HSA403 – Logistics Management in Healthcare Units & Storage & Distribution

MBA Durgapur Advantages

Certifications on

  • English Language Communication
  • Disaster Management
  • Live Projects
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Industry Visits
  • Corporate Guest Lectures

Industry Integrated Learning

  • Membership with All India Management Association, Calcutta Management Association, MTC Global and British Council Library,
  • Collaboration with AICTE’s Smart India Hackathon for Research and Innovation
  • Partnership with IQ City Narayana Multi-specialty Hospital for Our Health Care Specialization
  • Tie-Up with Synergy Kitchens & Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. For General Specialization Live Projects

Foreign Education Tours

Study Tours conducted in countries such as UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Dubai to build personal & social competence and intercultural understanding in students.

Winter & Summer Internship

Internship programmes to get students acquainted with the latest trends and activities in the corporate sector.

Vibrant Campus Life

State-of-the-art campus with On-campus hotel, Sports Complex, Gymnasium and other recreational facilities.

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