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B.Voc. in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning



The B.Voc. program is modular in nature with multiple exit points at certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and B.Voc. Each of the six semesters carries 30 credits, resulting in 180 credits for B.Voc.

B.Voc. course also has decent exit options. On quitting the course after completing 1 year, student twill be awarded a Diploma Certificate. On quitting the course after completing 2 years, student will be awarded an Advanced Diploma Certificate. On completing the entire 3 years, student will be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree Certificate.

The course will consist of combination of practice, theory and hands on skills in the RAC (Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning) sector.

Scope & Career Opportunities

Through classroom and “hands-on” training, students will gain knowledge and practical skills necessary for installing the refrigeration and air-conditioning devices.

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry will grow very rapidly in coming years.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics projects that by 2022 this field will experience a 21% increase in job growth. The Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) predicted industry currently needs 27,000 new workers each year just to replace those who retire. HVAC techs will be busier than ever before and remain in high demand throughout the next two-three decade. HVAC jobs can never be outsourced and will always be on site, which affords technicians and other professional’s long-term job security.

HVAC industry, which is on a fast track growth trajectory, provides very dynamic and exciting careers with many different job opportunities such as: HVAC Managers, HVAC Engineers, HVAC Installers, HVAC Mechanics, Sales and Marketing representative, Service Technician, Field engineer etc. Leading players in the industry, which offer careers in HVAC are: 1. Daikin, 2. Voltas, 3. Godrej, 4. Blue star, 5. Samsung, 6. Panasonic


Few important subjects are:

  • Basics of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
  • Assembly and Installation of Refrigerator
  • Assembly and Installation of Air Conditioning
  • Sheet metal and welding process
  • RAC Electricals
  • Refrigerants and Psychrometry
  • Compressors, condenser and evaporators
  • Air Distribution systems
  • AHU and Duct Installation and Maintenance
  • Heat Load Estimation for comfort and Industrial Plant


10 + 2 with PCM / ITI after 10th / Polytechnic Diploma will be considered.

Selection Procedure – Admission will be based on the merit of the qualifying examination.


3 Years