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Decoding the Risotto

We think Italy whenever someone mentions pasta. But Italian cuisine has more than one gem of dish in its kitty, which though simple, demands a lot of precision. One of these popular delicacies is the humble but tasty Risotto. The Origin: The dish originally belongs to No... Read More

Simplifying Sushi

  One of the most popular food trends in recent times is the exotic and mystical Sushi. The word itself means: (Sour –Rice) a dish comprising small balls or vinegar gluttonous rice (which is short grain), garnished with vegetables, eggs or raw seafood would be stuffe... Read More

Some Popular French Cooking Techniques

Apart from the Eiffel tower, beauty and kissing, French is famous for its cuisine style. It is one of the famous cooking techniques among the chef world. The reasons for its fame are – It is healthy It is easy in cooking It saves time It mostly preserves the natu... Read More

Importance of Smile in the Hospitality Sector

Smile is the best thing one can wear. A smile can even stop wars. According to science, a smile can boost our mind, help release stress and make us look more beautiful. So it is safe to say that a smile is the most versatile asset one can possess. The benefit of a smile can... Read More

Tips For Better Public Speaking

In the 21st century, everywhere we go there is cut-throat competition to stand out from a crowd. While the idea is king, having the idea is just not enough. What will make it possible is “Communication”. You need to sell the idea by convincing people about how this idea wo... Read More

What makes you join Civil Engineering?

  Going back in time, it is seen that Civil Engineering is the second oldest branch of engineering after Military Engineering. Even the things as fun and casual as the popular water slides in water parks, are designed by Civil Engineers. The designing is very well... Read More

Own up to Your Career Decision

There are ways of growing up. One among them is when you take your own decisions for your career. It is one of the most difficult things in life when you ask yourself what exactly is it that you want to do! And this time, let NSHM make it easier for you. Among the many ... Read More

Top Courses Science Students Can Pursue After Passing Out Of School

The invention and the progress of the world, encapsulated in one word: science. Be a part of mankind’s stellar progress through time, as you determine where man will end up at the end of the road. Ride the wave of innovation.   Bachelor of Optometry Be part of a nob... Read More

9 Courses Commerce Students Can Pursue After Passing Out Of School

It is said that there are two streams: The sciences and The arts. Commerce is just a way of life. How poetic, but true nevertheless. Learn how the world functions; learn how to manage the world that functions, and study about something everyone on this planet loves: money... Read More

9 Courses Arts Students Can Pursue After Passing Out Of School

Perhaps you don’t like the hustle bustle of a day to day, humdrum job. Maybe you want to hustle and bustle and rebel and stomp your signature on this world, with your ideas and their manifestation. Learn how to express the artist in you, for what is an idea without a med... Read More