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Career Avenues in the Healthcare Industry

The Indian healthcare industry has grown by leaps & bounds and is one of the most flourishing sectors in India today. The industry size is expected to touch US$ 160 billion by 2017 and US$ 280 billion by 2020. Apart from modern healthcare amenities, the country’s tra... Read More

Preventable Blindness: Uncorrected Refractive Error

Refractive errors (myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, presbyopia) result in an unfocused image falling on the retina. Uncorrected refractive errors, which affect persons of all ages and ethnic groups, are the main cause of vision impairment. They may result in lost educat... Read More

A Career in Cartoons with Animation and Graphic Design Management

The world of animated characters has fascinated all age groups since ages! Wasn’t watching Tom and Jerry, Scooby Doo or Popeye among one of the best ways to spend leisure time in your childhood? The broad grin continues to sparkle on all faces just at the glimpse of the fa... Read More

A Career in Travel & Tourism Management

A lucrative career is on the anvil for students of Travel & Tourism Management in India. The tourism sector is a key growth driver and a significant source of foreign exchange earnings for the country. Both international tourists and domestic travelers account for the vo... Read More

Why hotel management can be a conscious career choice in India 2015??

The hotel Industry in India has been gaining momentum ever since the sluggish 2014 has ended. For aspiring students, it is a good time to look for openings in the hotel industry or pursue graduation in hotel management.  If everything related to the hotel industry has alway... Read More

Journalism as a career in India

The Media & Entertainment industry in India is poised to register an incredible growth story. It is India’s sunrise sector and as per estimates, it will be worth a staggering Rs. 2,272 billion by 2018. While such forecasts spell no dearth of employment opportunities, w... Read More

Chanelspring/Summer 2015 | Ready To Wear

Standing out from crowd or designing something which out of the box has always been the signature style of Chanel, and the same was maintained this season. “Boulevard Chanel” was the theme which was portrayed while staging the show. Karl Lagerfeld, put an extra ordinary ... Read More

“A Security Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks Environmental”- Bijoy Kumar Mandal (faculty) NFET

An article published by - Bijoy Kumar Mandal,  NFET (Computer Science and Engineering Department) NSHM Knowledge Campus – Durgapur "A Security Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks Environmental"

NSHM Journal of Pharmacy and Healthcare Management (Volume 5)

The official publication of NSHM College of Pharmaceutical Technology is here - NCPT Journal

‘Cultural Altruism & Masochism in Women in the East’, in Women & Creativity: A Psychoanalytic Glimpse Through Art, Literature, and Social Structure, Karnac Books, 2014 by Prof. Jhuma Basak

An essay  by our faculty member from the college of Media and Design Prof.  Jhuma Basak  has been published. Read the book here –   ‘Women & Creativity’