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Travel & Tourism: An ever evolving industry

After dealing with the tech revolution and the advent of the internet, the travel industry is now adapting to cultural and economic changes that are even more intangible. The tourism industry is matching up to this demand with a steady rise in hospitality and tourism services... Read More

Hospital Management Students From NSHM Knowledge Campus, Durgapur Start Summer Internships Across 55 Premiere Hospitals

Beaming with pride over their graduating batches of BBA in Hospital Management and Masters in Hospital Administration, NSHM School of Health Sciences is overjoyed to be sending off 137 of their students to internships in 55 premiere organizations across India and abroad. Stud... Read More

Yoga: Changing lives and lifestyles

An ancient way of a life or a health fad? Yoga seems to have a widespread reputation as both. But unlike crossfit or pilates, it seems to have lasted a few millennia, spreading across the world in various forms. The term ‘yoga’ simply means ‘to join’, in this cas... Read More

Public Health: A Healthcare Field That Blends The Scientific With The Social

Unlike in medicine, where the focus is on the health of the individual patient, public health is the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting health through the organized efforts of society. In this age of globalization, the need to deal with epid... Read More

Winning Cannes Fashion in Style

Entertainment news has just been buzzing with the Cannes aftermath in the past weeks. The only thing bigger than the films premiered at the festival is the spectacular line up of designer outfits worn by the attendees on the red carpet. Some of our very own divas of Bollywood... Read More

10 Reasons: Why you should join Optometry at NSHM?

When looking for a Bachelors or Masters in optometry and vision sciences, we tend to look for courses built on a strong foundation of precision & knowledge, that will contribute to our comprehensive development to make us prepared to face the world. NSHM School of Health ... Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

B.Sc. in Film and Television Studies 1. Why should I enroll in this course? Answer: You like cinema? Ever thought of going to the field of creating moving images? Ever wanted to become a filmmaker? This graduate course will be a stepping stone in the field of film m... Read More

Placements Galore at NSHM Durgapur Campus

At NSHM, we pride ourselves in preparing our students for the professional world. So nothing brings us more pleasure than to see our students all set to make their mark in renowned establishments all over the country. At the onset of the current placement season, Durgapur... Read More

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Health

Mental health is never an isolated situation. It is measured in terms of the society and the time in which an individual is living. It is a complex area. To help diagnose different categories of mental health disorders, the American Psychiatric Association came up with th... Read More

Sportswomen Need Representation

We all saw the recent Nike Campaign which had ace tennis legend Serena Williams talk about the feeling of being a woman athlete in the world of sports. This came in close to events that happened on 2nd March 2019. Cyclist Nicole Hanselmann was forced to give up her le... Read More