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Importance of Tourism & Travel Management Industry

“Inclusive growth and ensuring a future with quality jobs are the concerns of governments everywhere. Travel & Tourism, which already supports one in every ten jobs on the planet, is a dynamic engine of employment opportunity.” Gloria Guevara Manzo, President & CEO... Read More

Fashion Management is the future. Make it yours.

What is M. Sc. in Fashion Management? This course deals with the managerial side of fashion industry. Fashion is definitely a creative area, but at the same time, running a fashion business successfully is also equally important. This also calls for an understanding of t... Read More

Ride the evolution of Medical Laboratory Technology

What does a Medical Lab Technologist do? Though they spend less time with patients compared to doctors and nurses, these professionals are equally dedicated towards healthcare. These professionals play a critical role in collecting the information needed to provide the b... Read More

The Art & Science of Culinary Excellence

A few decades ago, food as a science and management subject was unheard of in this part of the world. But with increasing population and advancement in science and technology, food production has taken a new turn altogether. Ordinary and traditional food production had to evol... Read More

Uncover Secrets of Human Behaviour

What is a B.Sc. in Behavioral Science & Applied Psychology for? A degree in Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology focuses on learning ways to relate basic psychological theories and principles with the help of applicable methods and techniques in your every... Read More

Carve Your Own Space with B.Sc. in Interior Designing

Is Interior Decoration same as Interior Design? One may be good with colors, textures and placement of décor objects but that is only decoration skills. That is not everything you need to be an interior designer. It can be said that interior decoration is a subset of i... Read More

Build Your Future in Video Games with B.Sc. in Gaming & Mobile Application Development

What is game design? Essentially, game design is an aspect of video game development and it requires designers who are both creative and technically skilled. Their key areas of operations include: -          Ideating, planning and actually building video ... Read More

Get on the Right Track with BBA in Sports Management

Why Sports Management? -          New Horizons in Sports: To boost sports and lifestyle around it in India, many leagues have come up to bring out the best talents in the nation and give them a space to compete and develop themselves. The phenomenal success of t... Read More

Reach out to the World with BBA Global Business

Which Career Opportunities suit BBA Global Business? A global business degree will give a much wider scope to students when they enter the job markets. It will not only help them become more agile to economical shifts, but will also make them versatile enough to survive ... Read More

Journalism as a Career in India

The Media & Entertainment industry in India is poised to register an incredible growth story. It is India’s sunrise sector and as per estimates, it will be worth a staggering USD 37.55 billion by 2021. While such forecasts spell no dearth of employment opportunities, wha... Read More