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Engineering Innovations Aimed at a Sustainable Future

Innovation is an integral part of any vocation, engineering being a field that depends on it more than any other. With sustainability being the need of the hour, inventors in various fields of engineering are coming up with technology that minimize waste, maximize production ... Read More

Television News in Changing Perspectives

Television news has been thrown through the ringer with the advent of the internet. And while some say traditional media is under threat altogether because of New Media, others say that it will lead to a convergence of all media and a more lucrative field for media profession... Read More

The Future of Mass Media in the Digital Age

Every researcher and expert in the field of mass media and telecommunications had predicted that the advent of the internet would result in not just a revolution in media but a worldwide Cultural Revolution altogether. And while their predictions of how exactly it would pan o... Read More

How Internet is changing the face of Media & Communication

The internet, while it may or may not be a threat to traditional media, has some undeniable advantages over it. Whether these advantages will lead to it making traditional media obsolete or add value to it is yet to be seen. But impact it has had on the world in the last two ... Read More

Investigative Reporting: The Knight of Modern Journalism

Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, often involving crime, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing. An investigative journalist may spend months or years researching and preparing a report. M... Read More

Understanding the Hotels & Hospitality Industry

Hotel Management Industry Overview A consistent spurt in the disposable income of the middle class has given scope to the tourism and hospitality sector, which is currently enjoying a healthy growth and contributing to 7.5% of the country's overall GDP. As per industry ana... Read More

Indian News Media: Evolution and Future Challenges

Indian news media has come a long way since the sixties. And while many claim that the changes in the last couple of decades have been for the worst, with sensationalism being rampant amongst tough competition, it doesn’t look all that bad. The Indian news media evoluti... Read More

Hotel Management Industry: The Suite Life

The experience of staying at a five-star hotel is something that everyone looks forward to. Everyone loves a reprieve from the bump and grind of a work trip or just a comfy vacation experience. Stay at a five star luxury treat is something no one will be able to turn down. &n... Read More

Travel & Tourism: An ever evolving industry

After dealing with the tech revolution and the advent of the internet, the travel industry is now adapting to cultural and economic changes that are even more intangible. The tourism industry is matching up to this demand with a steady rise in hospitality and tourism services... Read More

Hospital Management Students From NSHM Knowledge Campus, Durgapur Start Summer Internships Across 55 Premiere Hospitals

Beaming with pride over their graduating batches of BBA in Hospital Management and Masters in Hospital Administration, NSHM School of Health Sciences is overjoyed to be sending off 137 of their students to internships in 55 premiere organizations across India and abroad. Stud... Read More