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Artificial Intelligence Dominates Our Lifestyle

Artificial Intelligence is something even a layperson is aware of nowadays. How can one not be when it plays such an important role in video games? AI in video games has gotten so advanced that gameplay mechanics have gotten far more complicated than they used to be in the da... Read More

Sustainability is the Future of Business Strategy

In this day and age, with the state of the environment, the pollution levels and depleting non-renewable fuel resources, sustainability in business has become vital. Now no longer restricted to environment, sustainability has become crucial for business longevity itself. L... Read More

Want A Diverse Career In Health? Become A Dietician

What is common between Rujuta Diwaker, Ryan Fernando, Pooja Makhija, Anjali Mukherjee and Shikha Sharma? Apart from the biggest celebrities and film-stars in their list of dedicated followers, what unites them is Food. Not just any food, but the right kind. Becoming a dietici... Read More

Industry Landscapes Are Changing With Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is weaving itself into every aspect of our lives. From the voice assistants on our phones to the self-teaching algorithms on our streaming services, everyone is aware of how AI technology is at work to make our lives easier every day. But while we... Read More

Assessmend by Prof. Krishnendu Sarkar

Author:Dr. Krishnendu SarkarChief, Strategy & Impact& NSHM Life Skills This short capsule is an attempt to model for a new capstone project experience that is not just for the sake of a usual assessment mandate but rather under something more to add to the lear... Read More

Surprising Realities of a Sports Manager’s Job

Being a Sports Manager is much more than just a glamourous PR job. While the aspects of any talent management job remains in the setting up of press conferences, negotiating endorsements and promoting the team members, a sports manager needs a more varied skillset than that. ... Read More

Why Hotel Management Can be a Conscious Career Choice in 2022?

The hotel Industry in India has been gaining momentum over time with the influx of competition in the hospitality industry. For aspiring students, it is a good time to look for openings in the hotel industry or pursue graduation in hotel management.  If everything related to... Read More

Media Line: The Digital Divide

An opinion piece by Dr. Somali ChakrabortyAsst. Professor, Dept. of Media Science,NSHM KNowledge Campus, Kolkata Yet another chef-d’oeuvre of Hollywood was released during the end of the previous millennium - ‘Castaway’. Released in 2000, it was a film based... Read More

Industry and Job Opportunities with Management Degrees

MBA offer a buffet of variety of jobs in different industries. Here is a list of domains that seek MBA pass-outs for their various job roles: 1.     Finance & Consulting The domains in which MBA gets a lion share of jobs are Financing and Consulting. Across industr... Read More

Fashion Management in Crisis

The world is reeling under the traumatic impact of the COVID -19 pandemic. The fashion capitals of the world France & Italy have been hit the hardest. But in these times of crisis, fashion & lifestyle houses have managed to put on a brave face and have put in hours of ... Read More