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B.Sc. in Film and Television Studies 1. Why should I enroll in this course? Answer: You like cinema? Ever thought of going to the field of creating moving images? Ever wanted to become a filmmaker? This graduate course will be a stepping stone in the field of film m... Read More

Placements Galore at NSHM Durgapur Campus

At NSHM, we pride ourselves in preparing our students for the professional world. So nothing brings us more pleasure than to see our students all set to make their mark in renowned establishments all over the country. At the onset of the current placement season, Durgapur... Read More

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Health

Mental health is never an isolated situation. It is measured in terms of the society and the time in which an individual is living. It is a complex area. To help diagnose different categories of mental health disorders, the American Psychiatric Association came up with th... Read More

Sportswomen Need Representation

We all saw the recent Nike Campaign which had ace tennis legend Serena Williams talk about the feeling of being a woman athlete in the world of sports. This came in close to events that happened on 2nd March 2019. Cyclist Nicole Hanselmann was forced to give up her le... Read More

Inspirations for Visual Artistes- Modern Art & Design Movements

Everything comes from something. So, while art is all about originality and individuality, an artist has to be thorough with learning what came before them to be able to create something new. Knowing major artistic movements is of critical importance to commercial artiste... Read More

AirBnB Culture: The evolution of global hospitality industry

We live in a world where anything you need is a click away. Need groceries? Order it online. Want to go to the mall? Choose between your Uber and Ola apps. Travelling has become easier than ever. Every little arrangement can be made on your phone- from plane tickets to ac... Read More

Fashion Management: Brands evolving with changing times

Gone are the days when fashion was a symbol of wealth and luxury. Brands are now evolving along with their consumers. Consumers are becoming more “woke”. This means, people increasingly value social justice and equality over the bourgie ideas that previous generations hel... Read More

Surprising Realities of a Sports Manager’s Job

Being a Sports Manager is much more than just a glamourous PR job. While the aspects of any talent management job remains in the setting up of press conferences, negotiating endorsements and promoting the team members, a sports manager needs a more varied skillset than that. ... Read More

Is India Finally Becoming A Multi-Sport Nation?

While India was once a nation only obsessed with cricket, the interest in a large variety of sports has gone up over the last decade as has our participation in them. India has won more medals in the past decade than in the previous four combined, and that has to do with both... Read More

Kaiser Karl – The King of Fashion Lives On

World’s most iconic living legend in fashion design, Karl Lagerfeld passed away at a ripe old age of 85 years leaving behind a formidable design legacy. Born as Karl Otto Lagerfeldt, this German polymath was a man ahead of his times with innumerable talents. The trademark... Read More