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Course Counsellors – DURGAPUR

MBA, B.Optom, B.Sc. (Medical Lab Technology), M. Optom,
M.Sc. (Information & Cyber Security), Bachelor in Hotel Management,
B. Tech – Mechanical Engineering,   B.Tech – Civil Engineering,
B.Tech – Computer Sc. & Engineering, B.Tech – Electrical Engineering,
B.Tech – Electronics & Communication
Contact No.- 9933049448

BBA, BBA (Sports Management), BCA, M.Sc. (Data Science),
M.Sc.(Computer Science), B.Sc. (Culinary Science), M Tech,
Diploma – Civil Engineering, Diploma – Mechanical Engineering
Contact No.- 9800011235

B.Sc. (Behavioral Science & Applied Psychology), BBA (HM),
Masters in Public Health, MHA, M.Sc. (Dietetics and Nutrition),
B.Sc. (Media Science), Bachelor in HMCT, BTTM,
M.Sc. (Hospitality Management), MTTM
Contact No.- 9800849640


Course Counsellors – KOLKATA

B. Pharmacy, B. Optom, BBA (HM), M. Optom, M. Pharmacy (Cology),
M. Pharmacy (Cuetics), Masters in Public Health
Contact No.- 9933049434

B.Sc. (Behavioral Science & Applied Psychology), M.Sc. (Clinical Psychology),
M.Sc. (Dietetics and Nutrition), B.Sc. (Fashion Design & Management),
B.Sc. (Media Science), B.Sc. (Multimedia, Animation & Graphics),
M.Sc. (Digital Films), M.Sc. (Fashion), M.Sc. (Media Science),
M.Sc. (Visual Communication), B.Sc (Interior Design)
Contact No.- 9903250730

BBA, BBA (Global Business), BBA (Sports Management),
BBA (Supply Chain Management), MBA, MBA (PT), PGDM, MHA
Contact No.- 9903250748

B. Sc. (Gaming & Mobile Application), BCA, M.Sc. (Data Science)
M.Sc. (Information & Cyber Security), M.Sc.(Computer Science)
M.Sc.(Human Computing & AI), B.Sc. (Culinary Science)
Bachelor in Hotel Management, BTTM, M.Sc. (Hospitality Management)
Contact No.- 8336974555