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Admissions 2020 FAQ

NSHM’s Admission Process FAQ In Light of The COVID-19 Situation

NSHM’s admissions team has been working tirelessly to innovate solutions to seamlessly conduct the college’s undergraduate & postgraduate admissions procedure.

The following FAQ will answer some common questions that applying Students or Parents might have. While we have tried to answer most of the queries below, please do not hesitate to contact us on for any clarifications or queries.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q) Is there any change to the application process?

A:- No. There is no change to the online application process. To apply please visit

Q) How has the admission process changed given the current global pandemic?

A:- Instead of inviting students to be physically present at the campuses, you will be able to complete NSHM’s admission process at home (from our Website). If you require to schedule a visit a Campus Tour & Visit (Kolkata or Durgapur) email us at to book an appointment.

Q) Is there any change to the selection criteria?

A:- No. There is no change to the selection criteria. We will assess and select students as per the earlier stated parameters on our qualifications criteria page

Q) Will the NPAT, Application and Interviews be conducted on the same day as was the case earlier?

A:- NPAT and the Interviews will be conducted separately. If selected, based on your NPAT Score, you will receive an email with details regarding the Director/Principal Interview and the Student/Alumni Interview.

Q) How will I be informed about my online admission process dates?

A:- You will receive two emails on your registered Email ID & SMS to registered Mobile Number. One will detail the day and time for NPAT (if applicable).

If selected after NPAT, the second will communicate the day and time of your Personal Interviews.

Q) How will the online NPAT and Interviews be conducted?

A:- The online NPAT and Interviews will be conducted using the latest remote proctoring technology. You will be recorded for assessment. You are required to provide permission for webcam and microphone. Please ensure the room is sufficiently lit.

Q) Which portal or URL do I need to visit to participate in the online admission process?

A:- Details of how to attend NSHM Knowledge Campus’s online admission process will be communicated to you on your registered Email ID.

Q) What identity proof do I need to keep with me for the online admission process?

A:- AADHAR card or PAN card or Passport will serve as an identity proof for you to attend NSHM Knowledge Campus’s online admission process. Only originals shall be treated as valid proof of identity. You are required to keep the same handy during the entire online admission process.

Q) Can I use a Tablet or a Mobile phone for the online admission process?

A:- If you do not have access to a Laptop or Stable Internet Connection, a Mobile Interview or Telemeeting can be alternatively arranged.

Q) I do not have access to a computer which meets your minimum configuration and internet bandwidth requirement. What should I do?

A:- Please get in touch well in advance with a member of the NSHM Admissions team: Kolkata Campus: Sreejaya @ +91 6292145277 & Durgapur Campus: Lopamudra @ +91 9933049448. Alternatively you can email us at

Q) In the event of possible technical issues during the online admission process, how can I seek help for troubleshooting?

A:- A help desk contact number will be displayed on each page of the online NPAT. Additionally, a member of NSHM’s admissions team will be constantly available.
Kolkata Campus: Sreejaya @ +91 6292145277 & Durgapur Campus: Lopamudra @ +91 9933049448

Q) Is there a change to the result declaration date?

A:- Admissions Results will be declared on a rolling basis which will enable you to make an informed decision for your higher education. Your result will be declared within 10-12 days after completion of your complete online admission process.

Q) How will I be notified about Final Admission Status?

A:- If selected, an Admission letter will be sent to your Registered Email ID. The Letter will contain details of admission acceptance and the next steps for confirming your seat.

Q) If you are selected for admission to NSHM’s undergraduate or postgraduate programs, by when do you need to confirm your acceptance?

A:- Deadlines to accept the offer for admission and other applicable dates will be communicated in the offer for admission which will be sent to selected students on their Registered Email ID.

Q) If and when the Covid-19 situation normalizes, will you announce future admission process changes?

A:- Due to the current evolving circumstances, we are constantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation. As of now, there are no future admission cycles planned. In case there are any changes, the same shall be announced on the NSHM website. You are advised to visit our website regularly for any update.

Q) Is there any change to the start of the academic session 2020?

A:- Due to the current evolving circumstances, we are constantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation. Academic session 2020 is scheduled to commence from 7th October 2020 for new students. In case there are any further changes, the same shall be communicated as well.

Q) What will be the mode of academic delivery post batch launch?

A:- The academic delivery will follow a hybrid model comprising online sessions and on-campus classes(as per govt. norms and regulations). NSHM’s online academic delivery is supported by an advanced Learning Management System which has been aiding students in the institute for the past two years and has provided all the necessary support to ensure a seamless learning experience for them during this lockdown. Going ahead, NSHM is well-equipped to offer a need-based online-offline learning format to help students make the most of their graduation and post-graduation years in college.

Q) Will attending classroom sessions be safe?

A:- The classroom sessions will begin in accordance with govt. norms. NSHM has been recently recognized as a Swachhta Action Plan Institution by the Dept. of Higher Education, MHRD, Govt. of India for its commitment towards maintaining sanitation & hygiene, regulating waste management and working to better other environmental concerns. The lockdown period has seen strict hygiene protocol being followed within the premises and this has also been enforced on visitors and employees. Going ahead, the same rules and regulations will be adhered to once students are asked to come to the campus.

Note: We will constantly review and update the above stated information as the Covid-19 situation evolves. All candidates are advised to visit the NSHM Knowledge Campus website and their application portal on a regular basis. For any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at